About Me

Hi, I’m Sean Li. I currently live in Queens, NY, and am originally from Norwalk, CT.

As a kid, I spent most of my time playing outside and riding bikes with friends, always finding new things to do and places to explore.

Getting a little older, I started putting my free time towards video games, home movies, music, photography, and programming, all of which I still love today.

I studied Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Film Studies at the University of Connecticut, and after two years, my original interest in coding video games was surpassed by my interest in filmmaking and collaborating closely with people, and I ended up switching to focus on film entirely.

The shift was drastic, but it set me on an entrepreneurial path that has been vastly more suitable for me and has led to a better and more engaging life. I’ve grown in so many ways (professionally and personally) in which the desk job I was likely headed for could never have encouraged.

Of course, there’s entrepreneurial potential in engineering too, and I have immense appreciation for the talented engineers out there. Though I was eventually drawn to the film industry, I still carry with me all the scientific and mathematical concepts I’ve learned, and I’m thankful for the ways those years continue to shape my thinking.

I’m driven to constantly learn new things and find ways to blend the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from different fields. Being a freelancer my entire working life has taught me how to connect dots and provide real value, and that bringing more to the table is always a good thing.

I’m continuously looking to make new connections and entertain new ideas. Putting my skills, knowledge, and network to full use is my goal, and nothing reasonable is off the table. If there’s an opportunity to be capitalized on, I’m all ears.