Love Of The Process

I’ve loved the idea of filmmaking since I was a kid. It struck the perfect mix of creativity, technology, planning, and execution.

That perpetual process of curiosity → action → results has shaped who I am and continues driving me today.

My first acting gig (unpaid).

Gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician)

NBC Christmas promo shot on a motion-controlled high speed camera.

Once I started working in the film industry, I quickly gravitated towards the electrical department, ultimately finding my place as Gaffer, or head lighting technician and electrician.

As Gaffer, I coordinate and execute lighting plans and electrical distribution as each project needs, with support of the crew I have on board with me.

This work is fulfilling, not only because I get to see how my work directly affects the final product, but also because I get to apply concepts that interest me personally: things like light, geometry, electricity, and physics.

It has also taught me how to pay close attention to the details of everyday life, because in the end, I must master how to convey a tone and oftentimes emulate reality using light.

Screengrab from From Brooklyn With Love Episode 5: Bonnie’s.
Promo for the Tribeca Film Festival.

I’ve learned how to adapt to the needs of different people on different projects, literally day after day, turning high-level wishes into actionable goals.

For over a decade, I’ve honed the skill of meeting someone in the morning and being on the same page creatively and logistically within the hour.

It’s satisfying to connect with so many intelligent and creative people from all backgrounds and collaborate on a project that captures our collective interest.

Reel: Vimeo
Credits: IMDb

Revolver Lighting & Grip

After working tirelessly and gaining substantial experience through freelancing, it was time to invest heavily in my own equipment and expand my operation.

Now, in addition to the attentive service I already provide, I supply productions with lighting and grip equipment so they don’t have to source it themselves.

Not only has film work already been testing me technically, creatively, and physically, but this move added a financial and entrepreneurial layer that transformed my thinking.

Revolver has been more valuable to me professionally and personally than I ever imagined it could be. It’s been an amazing experience, and the lessons I’ve learned will continue to guide my decisions with every endeavor to come.

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